17 July
Technology at the 2018 World Cup

Not only will the 2018 World Cup be celebrated for its on-pitch entertainment, but it will forever be remembered as the first tournament to make... Read More

13 July
Apple App Store 10th Birthday

Apple is celebrating 10 years of the App Store this week. On July 10, 2008, the tech giant’s application platform was launched with 500 apps. It... Read More

10 July
Best Adverts From 2018 World Cup

Every four years, the World Cup commands the attention of essentially anyone with television or internet access, and offers an opportunity for... Read More

09 July
6 steps to landing your dream job

So, you want to land your dream job? You aren’t the only one! But you are in the right place to unlock an advantage over hundreds of other... Read More

05 July

The Department of Health and Social Care announced this week that a free NHS app will be available to everyone in England by the end of the year... Read More

04 July
My placement year at Digital Gurus - Michelle Darcy

After deciding to take a year out of university to gain some actual work experience I started looking into different industries I could do my... Read More

04 July
Why Leeds is one of the UK's brightest digital cities

The past decade has seen Leeds emerge as one the UK’s brightest digital cities and a highly desirable place to study, work and live. Planned... Read More

03 July
Can Artificial Intelligence Predict The World Cup Winner?

Bad news England fans. Football might not be coming home after all, according to Goldman Sachs and Artificial Intelligence.

... Read More

25 May

There’s a lot going on today. It’s National Wine Day. It’s National Towel Day. It’s National Tap Dance Day.

But, more important than wine... Read More

15 March

2016 was the year that showed us the exponential growth of video as a digital marketing tool. Beyond making it possible to communicate a product... Read More

12 December

As the year draws to an end, we look back at the major tech news of 2017.


As we entered the new year, we saw a lot of... Read More

14 November

How do you market an experience? Marketing a country or a city is an interesting task and millions are spent in showing the world what a specific... Read More

16 October

When it comes to choosing digital marketing over more traditional methods - the key is reach. Digital marketing has the power to reach millions... Read More

14 September

Your scrum team and your favourite band probably work quite similarly - although probably without the sex, drugs and rock and roll.... Read More

17 August

So, you want to be a designer? Great! But where do you start? Well, you’... Read More

05 July
What's holding back digital transformation?

Digital transformation will be a $2 trillion market globally by 2020... Read More

20 June

The term ‘user experience design’ was coined by Don Norman when he was... Read More

10 May

Happy birthday to us; we’re a whole nine years old today.

Things have changed a lot round here since our last birthday; we formally joined... Read More