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After deciding to take a year out of university to gain some actual work experience I started looking into different industries I could do my placement year in. Thankfully, doing a course like... Read More

There’s a lot going on today. It’s National Wine Day. It’s National Towel Day. It’s National Tap Dance Day. But, more important than wine, towels and tap dance - it’s GDPR day! According to... Read More

The DG North team only been going for a year, but we’ve already accomplished so much! We’ve already grown the team from 0 to 27 people, and we’re so proud of every single one of them. Together, we’ve... Read More

Digital transformation will be a $2 trillion market globally by 2020 according to the IDC. As technology becomes an increasing part of our everyday lives, it also becomes a vital part of business... Read More

The term ‘user experience design’ was coined by Don Norman when he was at Apple in the early 90s. In an interview nearly 10 years later he said “I invented the term because I thought human interface... Read More

Happy birthday to us; we’re a whole nine years old today. Things have changed a lot round here since our last birthday; we formally joined the Rethink Group, we opened our fourth office in... Read More

We all had a cracking night at our latest #DigitalNorth event - our fourth in the series.  Wait, you weren’t there..? Well, grab a beer and digest the best bits - from kissing frogs to... Read More

Having grown from only one person to 14 team members in just seven short months, our Digital Gurus North crew have now been shortlisted for a North West business award. Back in September,... Read More

It’s that time of year again! No, not when Game of Thrones should be back on TV, but the time for the publication of the Tech Nation report. The report is 124 pages, but don’t worry - I read it so... Read More

The rise of sophisticated jobseekers means that nowadays, the interviewer is being judged as much as the candidate. Savvy applicants armed with infinite data (cheers internet!) can play ball a lot... Read More