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    020 7253 1054

    What’s your background?

    My background is very mixed, I was a bit of a job hopper going from school into Computer Aided Design at a civil engineering firm, then on to University studying Geography and having various sales jobs there, back to my hometown in North Wales to work in my old high school for a few months before joining the Merchant Navy for two years. That was when I decided to follow my best friends down to London and get back into a sales environment – I then discovered the world of recruitment. I’ve been in recruitment more than five years and over three with Digital Gurus.

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    I couldn’t work in a corporate environment or even in one that masquerades as creative while still telling you how to dress and behave. I love Digital Gurus for the freedom to be yourself in every way. I had other job offers - but when I met my team at DG I knew it was the place for me. They have become my best friends. 

    Childhood Dream Job:

    Boyband member.

    Favourite Thing about working at DG:

    The fun culture and the people that make it that way.


    Dogs, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Warhammer.


    Hoarders, British weather, people who stop in the middle of a busy pavement.

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