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    020 7253 1054

    What team are you in? 

    Social Media and Content 

    What are your specialist areas?

    I resource candidates for social media, content and PR roles – freelance and perm. The roles on my books are really varied and can include Community Managers, Social Media Account Handlers, Content Managers as well as Strategists and Editorial Leads. 

    Why should you be my Guru?

    With a hands on background managing social media presence for clients, I am well placed to understand the candidates and clients needs. Plus, I really love meeting new people and connecting on many different points!

    What’s your background?

    I’ve been a freelancer for nearly 10 years in television production and content creation. I worked for reality TV, hidden camera, talk shows, etc. I’ve also worked for YouTube channels such as Just For Laughs Gags and managed their presence on social media. During these years I did a Human Resources degree, part-time. I just wanted to learn more about how humans behave in their working environment! 

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    I wanted to settle down, have a permanent team, develop long term relationships and be in a fun and exciting environment. I found all of this here at DG.


    Hats, baseball, Kaytranada.


    Complaining, squirrels, paper cuts.

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