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    [email protected]
    0161 214 7470

    What team are you in? 

    Creative marketing, content and social 

    What are your specialist areas?

    Head of content, content managers, content executives, digital marketing managers, head of social, social media managers, social media executives.

    Why should you be my Guru?

    Being new to the recruitment industry, I have not fallen victim to any bad recruitment habits. I am constantly gaining knowledge and skills from only the best Gurus and can offer a personable and passionate service for any potential clients or candidates. 

    What’s your background?

     I am currently studying a degree in psychology at the University of Manchester and doing a 12 month internship at Digital Gurus to hopefully progress my career in recruitment after finishing my studies. 

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    I joined Digital Gurus after previously joining ReThink Group - to be part of the growing Manchester team was an opportunity I could not miss. 


    Halloumi, Come Dine With Me and gin - and basically all the food on this earth!) 


    Kanye West, waiting for public transport and UGG's.

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