• meet the guru Lisa Mahoney

    [email protected]
    020 7253 1054

    What’s your background?

    I’ve specialised in marketing since 2008 and started nerding-out over digital in 2011. I’ve since launched an online vintage clothing shop, a travel YouTube channel and have helped dozens of businesses increase their turnover using social media and email marketing.

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    I don’t fit the corporate mould very well, so a company that encourages every employee to be themselves suits me down to a tee.

    Childhood dream job:

    TV presenter (hosting a YouTube channel is basically the same thing, right?)

    Favourite thing about working at DG:

    Never having to apologise for my crude sense of humour.


    Rare steak, ‘noughties’ gangsta rap, travel, dance-offs.


    Well-done steak (don’t get me started), internet trolls, coriander, poor grammar.

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