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    016 1214 7470

    What team are you in? 

    OpenSource development.

    What are your specialist areas?

    I specialise in front end developers (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript) & back end PHP developers (OOP, Laravel, Zend etc), software engineers, technical directors and mobile developers.

    Why should you be my Guru?

    Having a passion and a real interest in the tech world, I do it differently. I take a genuine interest in your tech stack, the type of projects you like to work on, and most importantly, the direction in which you’re looking to take your career. Whether you’re looking to learn a new MVC framework or ditch that CMS for more bespoke code, I’m all ears. I’ll listen to what you want and provide you with the opportunities that best match what you’re looking for. 

    What’s your background?

    I have two years recruitment experience, all of which has been heavily focused on the PHP/ OpenSource market in the North, speaking to the best talent and clients and building a strong network of digital contacts.

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    I heard that the Gurus were starting up North and I really bought in to their values, culture and most importantly their knowledge of the digital sector. I realised this could be the perfect opportunity to become part of their northern base and help the lovely people of the North find their dream digital jobs.


    Baths, burgers and coffee (1 sugar and milk please).


    Ticking clocks, mushrooms, .NET

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