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    020 7253 1054

    What team are you in? 


    What are your specialist areas?

    I specialise in Digital Marketing and Social Media. 

    Why should you be my Guru?

    Having previously worked as a project manager for a digital marketing agency, I have a deep understanding of the market place and of what is required to succeed.

    What’s your background?

    Account manager, shop fitter, audio-visual installations, sales management… I may be new to the world of recruitment but I have 15 years’ experience of working with huge multi-nationals, independent retailers, luxury manufacturers and much more. I can very quickly adapt to any industry. I am also a music producer and DJ with 12 years of international experience.

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    I had heard great things about Digital Gurus before I joined the company, but the moment I stepped into the office for my interview I was determined to work here. Now, being surrounded by so much expertise, in an office brimming with motivation, I know that those first steps were some of the best I’ve ever taken.


    Music. Spain. Burgers.


    Stepping on snails. Paper-cuts. Soggy feet.

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