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    What's your background? 

    I studied Law at University, found I didn’t really like it as it was too much time trying to be clever with wording. I then went onto a few odd jobs before falling into recruitment. After working in my first ever recruitment job, I left after 20 months to join a start up that was Digital Gurus in Saif's spare bedroom.

    Why did you found Digital Gurus?

    When we started DG we had one aim: to be the best. We realised that this was sales guff and went to work on discovering what those words actually meant – after careful study, we realised it was relativity simple: hire brilliant people! So this company has been built upon that premise; brilliant people working hard and trying to be successful. We are what we say on the tin: digital specialist who try their best to deliver a premium service.

    Childhood dream job:

    Being the owner of Liverpool FC.

    Favourite thing about working at DG:

    The people; working with fantastic, intelligent motivated people is the best.


    Liverpool FC, Intelligence, my 2 sons and great books.


    Suitcases on wheels and queuing.

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