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    [email protected]
    020 7253 1054

    What team are you in? 

    Technical (Freelance)

    What are your specialist areas? 

    I specialise in Frontend Developers (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript), Flash & Actionscipt, Backend Developers (PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby, Python), QA Testers, Software Engineers, Technical Directors, and Mobile Developers.

    Why should you be my Guru?

    Having been at Digital Gurus for 4 years now, I have seen it flourish and become the market leader in Digital. I have gained a great amount of knowledge and understanding of the technical market, watching it grow from strength to strength. I work with some of London’s very best web developers and introduce them to the best contracts around with a range of digital companies and agencies.

    What’s your background?

    I came from a retail background and joined as a resourcer back in 2011.

    Why did you join Digital Gurus?

    At the time of joining we were a very small company who had aspirations to be the best - which we are now! Great bunch of people to work with who have a good laugh together!


    Trainers, beer and Ninja Turtles.


    Olives, slow drivers, dirty trainers.

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